Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Only people with too much time on their hands play these silly blog games

But they are fun. The "(Your Name) Needs" game has been going around recently, but one of the Abarbablog offspring suggested a "(Your Name) Hates" variation that produced the following results.

Mama Squirrel hates tomatoes

No I don't, I'm the only one around here that doesn't pick them out.

Mama Squirrel hates Richard for the death of her husband
Mama Squirrel hates XX, a man who betrayed her in her youth, and she has plotted revenge for years.
Mama Squirrel hates my 2 friends Jane and Sara

Obviously Mama Squirrel needs to work on her people skills...

Mama Squirrel hates her job of teaching children.

Gosh, really?

Mama Squirrel hates (Ponytails' name)

Aw, no. Even when she's really silly.

Mama Squirrel hates every picture that is taken of her.

That's true.

Mama Squirrel hates people making fun of her hair.

Okay, that's it, I'm going to my room to be by myself.

Mama Squirrel hates it when I put one [a frog] in her clothes drawer!

On second thought, maybe I won't go in there just now.


Firefly said...

So, you think I'm silly, eh? Well, I played your little game and apparently all I seem to hate is *sniff-sniff* myself. Oh, boo-hoo! I'm silly and I hate myself. I'm going back to my blog now.

Mama Squirrel said...

Dear, dear purveyor of scones: the title was meant only as a joke since I obviously wasted enough time myself Googling for "hates" and editing them into something fit for family consumption.

Sorry about your bad luck with it; at least I only hate homeschooling and Ponytails. And Mr. XX who ruined my life.

Mama Squirrel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
coffeemamma said...

Coffeemamma hates to shop and doesn't understand why she has to save all the cookies
she bakes for the men of the family.

Coffeemamma hates libraries.

Coffeemamma always hates ev'rybody.

Coffeemamma hates it when I make her clean it up.

These are just a few out of *hundreds* of hits! I'm quite the miserable, hateful person I gather...

Tim's Mom said...

A friend of mine apparently has a name commonly given to pets. Hers came up with lots of "needs a home," "needs a family with lots of patience," and "hates to be left alone," "hates her crate," and "hates" just about every animal you could think of!

Mama Squirrel said...

Tim's Mom, that's very funny! Now I'm trying to figure out (without being rude to your friend) what kind of a name you'd have that would come up with all those cat hits...

Ann V. said...

I am glad you did not go to your room. We soooo like you, Mama Squirrel! ~smile~
Ann V. HolyExperience

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