Thursday, December 15, 2005

Magic Soup

I was busy this morning and suddenly it was a quarter to twelve...but I'd planned on having some kind of homemade soup for lunch. Out came the pressure cooker and Lorna J. Sass's book Cooking Under Pressure, which has a good recipe for lentil side-dish-or-soup. I found it posted online here (thanks to Diana's Kitchen) which saves me the trouble of retyping it. I did make a couple of changes, though: left out the mustard and parsley, and added in some beef broth powder and leftover rice (the rice went in after it was all done). The soup is supposed to cook in 7 minutes (after you get the onion and garlic chopped and wash the lentils), but ours took another 5 or so; I guess our lentils were extra hard. Still, 12 minutes cooking time for homemade soup is pretty good; we were eating by a quarter past twelve.

I should mention that two squirrelings (squirrels being what they are) asked why the soup was the colour of mud. It's true that this kind of lentil soup does not have what you'd call a pretty colour; maybe that's why they suggest putting parsley in it! But it tastes good, especially sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.


coffeemamma said...

I've been waffling over the idea of buying a pressure cooker- I think you've just convinced me ;-) And my kids do call lentil soup "mud soup"!

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Coffeemamma,

I don't use the pressure cooker as much as I could, because ours is kind of difficult to use--you just have to go by the amount of hissing it's doing and how much steam it's blowing out, to know if it's cooking as hard as it should be. I like the idea of the new programmable cookers, and I looked at the 5 litre one at Canadian Tire, but some other pressure-cooker users advised against getting one that small for family-size meals.

There are some good pressure-cooker websites and a Yahoo group as well, if you're looking for help. (That's where I asked what they thought about the 5L one.)

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