Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Even Barbie can do math

The Eduwonks host this week's 55th Education Carnival--go take a look. In our neck of the woods, the latest REALLY BAD SUGGESTION the educrats have made is that Grade 12 calculus should be scrapped; apparently the "math is too hard" thing is an epidemic. From the Eduwonks:
A recent Washington Post article by columnist Richard Cohen downplaying the importance of algebra has caused quite a stir in the EduSphere. But it's this teenaged girl [Spunky Jr.] who very capably rebuts Mr. Cohen's arguments and may just have a future career as a writer or mathematician.
There are other links and rebuttals included in the carnival, so do check that out. Spunky herself comments here.

Oh--the title of this post? Remember the furor over Teen Talk Barbie in 1992? If you don't, check this out. And this.

And from one of the comments on Spunky Jr.'s post, some thoughts on God and math.

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