Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some books we're not ordering

Mrs. Rollins' post More Gruel, Please? on the Dominion Family Blog reminded me that I'd also been intending to post something with book catalogue blurbs. Not religious fiction, though; these are the monthly childrens' book fliers that we receive through our homeschool group and that are sent out through public school classrooms.

We always look hopefully through these fliers, but hardly ever order anything anymore; the good picks are usually books we already have or they're bundled with other books we don't want, and the rest are...well, here are some samples. I won't give you the titles, just some of the descriptions.

"A girl group wants A. to join them--but their style is totally different from hers!"

(Like, bummer, right?)

"W. and her four friends are learning to control their magical powers! But are they ready to save the earth from evil forces?"

"Lunch boxes coming to life? Erasers that grow on trees? School has never been this strange and funny before!"

(I'd say so too, if this is what they're reading in the classroom.)

"B. and her friends must set out to the desolate planet Sparks to recover her stolen power and save the realm of M.!"

"E. and M. have to steal a dangerous magic stone called the Belly Button! Funny!"

"Will Strawberry make it to the ball? A berry sweet adaptation of the famous fairy tale, starring Strawberry Shortcake!"

"L's pony, Twilight, is really a magic unicorn!"

(Guess that's all you need to know.)

"Mr. Tickle has a special plan to help a bad-tempered friend change his ways! Will it work?"

And my favourite:

"Everyone is special! Pull the tabs and lift the flaps for this engaging tribute to self-esteem."

And I'm now harnessing my own powers of precognition. I foresee...many large yard sale boxes marked "two books for a quarter."

"Of the making of books there is no end..."

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Jennifer said...

Same problem here. So much is garbage! I rarely order anything, unless it's "school" related (Kids Books ofwhatever are good-- we have Canadian history).

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