Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another good math article

Raising an Isaac Newton, by Cindy Downes, on the Oklahoma Homeschool website. She writes:
We can help the future generations remember and obey God’s mandates by giving them a mathematics education taught from God’s perspective. Simply having them complete a textbook, containing an occasional scripture or two, is not the answer. Our teaching must not only instruct them in basic arithmetic, but also enable them to see how mathematics can “describe the wonders of God’s creation, reveal the invisible attributes of God, serve to aid man in fulfilling God’s mandate of dominion, and assist God’s people in fulfilling God’s mandate of worldwide evangelism.” (James Nickel, Mathematics: Is God Silent?)

Try setting aside one day per week to use some of the following ideas in lieu of a math textbook. By doing so, you may raise up a future Isaac Newton. Your child may be the next one who discovers a mathematical principle that provides a better way of life for God’s people or creates a new tool to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Mama Maple said...

Thought provoking as usual!

Mr. Person said...

I can't say I'm on that, what I would call "hoo-haw," side of the fence.

But I can tell you that the theological and the mathematical are interrelated (and the musical, actually). It drives scientists--real scientists--buggy.

I've never met a mathematician, including myself, who wasn't, in the past or deep down, theologically minded.

Exploring the reasoning of the unseen and unexperienced . . . well, they're like peas in a pod. Sorta.

Ann V. said...

What food for thought, Mama Squirrel...I am going to further explore this...having a son whose hero is Isaac Newton ~weak smile~

Thank you for posting this.

Ann V.

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