Thursday, May 11, 2006

Frugal hints you really don't need, and one useful one

MotherLoad: The Mom Advice Blog posted a link back to an old post containing hints from Budget Living Magazine. (Linked through Festival of Frugality #22.)

Among the hints mentioned were these:
- Use your extra mouse pads as trivets in your kitchen.
- Cut the magnets out of the bottom of your old shower curtains to be used as refrigerator magnets.
All I can say is, I have never been that desperately in need of refrigerator magnets in my life, and I never expect to be. Besides the old classic plastic letters and a couple of out-of-season Christmas magnets, I have freebies from our tree guy, someone I bought an Usborne book from, and half the real estate agents in town. I don't expect ever to have to take the scissors to a shower curtain to find something to stick a recipe to the fridge with. (I'm also not in need of trivets--if I need a spoon rest, I use a plastic lid or the empty can of something I just opened, and if I need an extra hot pad, I use a cutting board, or maybe a dish towel.)

But I will give you my very own thing to do with a magnet and the refrigerator. You'll need a pretty strong magnet for this--magnetic letters aren't heavy enough. I have a cute little toaster oven magnet (yes, I actually once went and spent money on a magnet) that will hold just about anything to the fridge.

Anyway, find a medium-to-large sized zipper baggie. Put all the grocery coupons in it that you've been saving, and stick it up on the side of your fridge with the magnet. Don't zip it up; just leave it open, and then you'll actually remember to drop in any coupons that you come across. When you go shopping, remove your zipper baggie from the fridge, zip it up (and put your grocery list in it too if you want), and take it with you to the store. When you come home, stick it back up again. There, no more lost coupons in the bottom of your purse or in the kitchen drawer. If your baggie is big enough, you can just fold a page of coupons into it without cutting them out...and that saves you having to hunt for the scissors you misplaced while you dissected the shower curtain.

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athenainaminivan said...

What a great idea, I am doing it right this second. I have placed haircut, food coupons on the fridge with a magnet and then when I want one they all fall off when the magnet is removed. NO MORE. I am off to move them to a bag.

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