Saturday, May 27, 2006

When bigger is better

Some books are just right in small size. Beatrix Potter's books are perfect just the way they are.

But lately I've been noticing that some books are much better in their original, can't-fit-this-on-the-shelf format. At the library sale this week, I found a library-size copy of Alice and Martin Provensen's The Year at Maple Hill Farm. We've owned a book club version of this for years, and if you turn the little edition on its side, it's about half the size of the original. Hmmm. Then you look at the illustrations inside. They're not only much clearer (in the original) and the colours are better--they're just BIGGER. Now I can see why this book has so many longtime fans--it was harder to understand that with the half-size fuzzy pictures. (The fuzzy-pictured book is going in our free box for the next homeschool support group meeting.)


Jennifer said...

I have one- a BIG one- of "Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm"... it was one of my favourites as a child and now my kids enjoy it!

Dawn said...

This is a favorite book of ours too! I had never thought of the size-factor though (ours is large). Interesting! :)

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