Sunday, July 23, 2006

And now...a random post.

Well, I've decided I'm going to do more blogging, because I don't very often, and because I have more things to blog about now than I used to, and because I want us to be a Cute Rodent, not an insignificant microbe or a little bug or whatever. I like cute rodents. :) (Plus, I can never seem to write in my diary quite enough.) So, let's have a post from the apprentice.

Do you like makeup? Do you like bargains? Do you live near a Pharmaplus? I know they don't all stock the same stuff, but it's worth a look. On Friday, I went to one near my house, and I got a little makeup kit for only four dollars! It has a frosty pink lipstick, an eyeshadow quad (purple, lavender, pink, and beige), and a pinky-beige nail polish. There isn't that much in the containers, but are you actually going to use up a whole full size eyeshadow before you get bored of the colour, or it expires? I won't. The name? Color Mates by The Color Workshop. They had three versions of this set. This is the pinky version. There was one with some coppers and browns that would look lovely on a redhead, and there was another one that I can't remember. The Color Workshop is owned by Markwins, which also owns my favourite brand--Wet 'n' Wild. I really admire their products for being free of things like phthalates and coal tar, and being high quality for such a low price. (Grownups...remember Flame Glo? It's Wet 'n' Wild!)

How is the quality for such a low price? The lipstick is creamy and moisturizing. The frost shows up nicely, but there isn't a whole lot of colour. Because your lips are coloured, though, it does look like it looks in the tube. The eyeshadow is rather subtle, but is very nice colours, and I think a couple coats would get more pigment out of it. (Also, I powdered over it for lasting power, and that really toned it down.) I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but it's a creme formula (love those!), and I've had good results with Wet 'n' Wild. Sooo...go get one!!

Today I'm going over to my Grandpa Squirrel's house to decorate for Mr. Fixit's birthday barbecue. The other squirrelings are coming too.

It just started raining outside. I hope we don't have a thunder storm, because then I'll have to turn the computer off.

Tomorrow I start my voice lessons! *does a happy dance*

And, to finish off my post, here's a totally irrelevant cute video you might enjoy:

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