Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oh, the fascination of it

The Site Meter scores again. Today's winner for most unusual hit: someone looking for "biblical term for squirrel."

Extremely curious, I clicked on their search, and these are the first few (printable) results MSN came up with, besides our blog (out of 19,918?). Today's technology is unbelievable, if not very useful.

"Biblical Errancy
In fact, many biblical verses show that faith is either unnecessary ... Notice the employment of the obligatory term must in the last two ... Smith's Bible Dictionary says that "hare" was "of the squirrel kind."

---Squirrels in the Bible?

"Fabelhaft: Exploration of the World through Biblical goggles
I scored my first squirrel! He slowly approached the nut, put it in his teeth and then when there was ... Term begins. Now one week into the second semester of the year: groups will be chosen and courses ..."

"The Soccer Squirrel: Get a Grip on Soccer
THE SOCCER SQUIRREL WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE OUR WONDERFUL ... not come at the cost of financial prudence and the long term ... Don't expect the young man with the biblical appearance to work ..."

---Why not, too heavenly-minded?

"Sorry , one pro-Biblical ... absolutely Africanizing out a illiterate thirteen-lined ground squirrel"

---Somebody should do something about those illiterate ground squirrels. Dewey would like to help.

"... that only half of the country’s Protestant pastors have a biblical ... Fetus is a perfectly good medical term, as long as you remember ... Evolutionist driving along when he encounters a squirrel in the road ..."

---and what happened? Enquiring minds would love to know what kind of a conversation they had. Just as long as it wasn't on that Ecowas Express Road.

[Update: oh--I found out, but it's too heavy to tell young Squirrelings about, so I won't print it.]

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