Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to earth

OK, I think I'm back from having my head in the conference clouds.

Highlights of Saturday: Mostly talking to so many people! Handing out Ambleside Online brochures with Coffeemamma and some other volunteers; and getting together with a whole lot of old and new friends who probably don't want their names used here. I was going to go to Heather Penner's astronomy workshop but it was full (fire rules won't let us cram people in!), and my second choice was full, and they all seemed to be I sat down in the hall with a coffee and a couple of Timbits, and along came someone I knew from IVCF in Toronto a LOT of years ago and hadn't seen since then! I'm thankful for fire rules!

And I was looking forward to meeting up again with Ann of Holy Experience (and her very nice husband); seeing an old friend's brand-new baby; tracking down people from the Canadian Homeschoolers' Board (I just looked for yellow happy-face labels); and did I mention just a little bit of shopping? Not much this year--I already have most of what we'll need for the fall, but there were a few things I wanted for gifts.

The workshop went so fast (and I was really trying to watch the time, but it still got away from me!) that the thrift-shop part had to get squeezed in at the end. I had a few samples of what I found with me, but I would have loved to have done it a bit differently--just taken the entire box of stuff in and said, "Here's what I got, let's see what we have!" Show, don't tell? But I still had that part of my brain that thought I had better do some explaining's hard to balance those things out. I hope it still made sense.

And it was the end of the day, everybody's baby had had enough (there were a lot of babies there!), and people were itching to go get in that last bit of shopping and head home--no way we could go overtime. So I was glad that I had already posted a lot of what I didn't get to say; if you're visiting and looking for "the rest of it," welcome.


Javamom said...

Mama Squirrel, It sounds like you had a very good time, and that it all went so well. I'm very happy for you!

I'm also going to nominate you for the hs blog awards :-)

Javmom, who finally got all my labels posted and mostly organized!

Birdie said...

Conferences are wonderful. I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy yours!