Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Roast chicken dinner, second time around

Who needs chicken a la king? This recipe is easy, good, and takes care of all your leftovers in one shot. Then you just have to wash out all your containers.

Roast Chicken Re-run (from Food That Really Schmecks)

On the day after you have a chicken-stuffing-potato kind of dinner, you chop the leftover chicken up and put it in a big greased casserole along with the stuffing. After you've scooped the fat off the top of the leftover gravy, you put it (the gravy, not the fat) on top of the chicken and stuffing, adding some milk if there's a lot of stuffing or not enough gravy. (You can also mix milk, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of chicken broth powder if they ate up all the gravy. But we didn't need to do that.) You can mix the gravy in, but it doesn't really matter. On top of the gravy, you can put any leftover cooked vegetables you like. And on top of that, you put the leftover mashed potatoes, fluffed up again and stretched with some milk if needed. A little salt and pepper doesn't hurt either. Make sure the whole thing seems moist enough (the stuffing will soak up gravy and milk), cover it, and bake it with the lid on for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees, then a bit longer with the lid off.

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