Friday, May 11, 2007

Frugal Fridays

The Deputy Headmistress offers a few links today, including the official Frugal Fridays post at Biblical Womanhood. If you have a frugal post you want to add, you can link to it from there.

Birdy (not Birdie) has a long and thoughtful post about Being Frugal--from her unique perspective of having been raised in Bangladesh.

As for me...I'm too frugalled-out already this week to post anything else about that. I'm going to sit on the back porch and watch Mama Robin nesting on the top of the drain pipe and Mr. Crow sitting on top of the highest evergreen tree around, while the leftover-soup-concoction thaws on the stove. This afternoon we are looking forward to a group field trip to the Clay and Glass Gallery where we'll meet up with some junior pirates and castle inhabitants, get messy with clay, and then go have birthday snacks and play in the park afterwards. And I am SO thankful that we have a sunny day.


Birdie said...

Ironically, this Birdie will be both attending garage sales AND going to a thrift shop today which will probably greatly annoy someone somewhere. ;)

Kaber said...

I try hard to be frugal, but it is hard and there are some areas I just can't be overly frugal.... with food allergies...

and with the addtion of a 4th person our outgoing money has increased.

Can we all stop eating for a month?

Kaber said...

I'm confused... why would going to garage sales and throft stores annoy people (who aren't even going).

Birdy said...

I hope you had a lovely day enjoying the back yard! It is so lovely here today!

And I am thinking of going garage sale shopping tomorrow. I haven't gone in 7 years. Not because I am opposed, but because I have a very hard time not coming home with stuff that I don't really need.

Sherry said...

I shouldn't even have the right to post a comment to a frugal friday post! I just posted myself about overspending today. I really am trying to be frugal, but I need to try a lot harder!

Thanks so much for the links,



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