Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tribute to our Tree

I'm temporarily reviving my avatar with the photo of our backyard--because the big maple there will be very soon no longer a part of our scenery. Surgery a few years ago extended its life somewhat, but Tuesday night's storm finished it off, and its appointment with the chainsaw is imminent.

It's a sad day. We will miss its shade this summer, and I'm sure the squirrels (the real ones) will be bewildered and bereaved. Although, as Mr. Fixit points out, we will have a few hundred/thousand fewer leaves to rake this fall.

But we're thinking about putting in a couple of spry little red maples...

1 comment:

PirateMum said...

Hey, I just potted a maple seedling that's been growing stray in my beds. It's about a foot or two tall if you'd like a tough wee little tree just let me know! :-)

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