Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4th Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

A couple of weeks ago, three other CM homeschool mammas and I had a night-for-talking-shop. We ate Coffeemamma's chocolate cookies, showed-and-telled some of our school stuff, and talked about narration, habits, and notebooks!

And now the rest of you are here too! Please sit down with us and join in the discussion that could have gone on for much longer.

We all agreed that probably the easiest Charlotte Mason thing for us to implement was reading. Even for those of us whose kids aren't "tonstant weaders" or who have particular learning-to-read issues, books have played an important part in our homeschools.

Michelle presents Living books posted at An Organized Mess.

Amber presents The power of narrative ~ Cultivate the love of story! posted at Homeschool Diva.

Jill at Praiseworthy Things prefers to save her voice, and makes use of the Learn Out Loud audio downloads. She says, "This may be a stretch, but I know that any CMers who follow AO curriculum will certainly be happy to find many of the books they need in these links!"

Tea Party Girl presents a book review of "Cupid and Psyche" in A Touch of Beauty for Your Friday.

Cindy presents another approach to Literature and Bible Study at On Our Journey Westward.

So it often isn't the reading that's a problem--but it's harder to develop the habit of narration after a reading. Donna-Jean says, "It is the expression of the child's relationship with the material and with the mind of its author, as well as an exercise in the child's habit of attention."

Christie presents Facts, Skills, and Ideas posted at Such a Time. "What is more important -- learning a fact, expressing it, or understanding it?"

Donna-Jean presents Creative Narration posted at Liberty and Lily. She says, "Narration is daily work, as vital to one's education as food is to the body. It can be done in small amounts, frequently, steadily. But after years of familiarity with narration, a bigger assignment can occur. Here is my oldest child's creative narration of the War of 1812."

The talk of books moves on to the rest of the curriculum.

Mama Squirrel at Dewey's Treehouse pulls out some of her thoughts on how a mishmash of books turns into something that makes sense.

A Charlotte Mason education includes real art, real music, real handicrafts. Everyone shares what they have been doing in those areas.

Leila presents Manet Picture Study posted at The Family Zoo. Have a look at her girls' versions of the vase of flowers--beautiful! She also shows some of their handicraft projects.

Amanda presents Why Include Handicrafts in Your Home School? posted at Hearts and Trees.

And then there's the afternoon nature walk. Coffeemamma reminisces about living in a house by the river, and we muse about camping and hikes and all the critters we've seen.

Ann presents A Birthday Wander posted at Homeschool In Longmont.

Barb presents How to Use the Handbook of Nature Study posted at Handbook of Nature Study.

Christie presents Nature notebooking and narrations posted at Such a Time.

Update and apologies to Betsy for misplacing her submission: Betsy presents As soon as he is able to keep it himself, a nature-diary is a source of delight to a child, posted at The Homeschool Way.

And we go on to talk about character, ideas, habits...

Barb is full of ideas tonight. She also presents Taking Care to Make Good Habits posted at The Heart of Harmony.

Katie presents Anatomy of a Habit posted at CM, Children and Lots of Grace.

Jacci presents Cheating the Charlotte Mason Way posted at The Educational Life.

Elisabeth presents Making the Choice to Rejoice posted at Treasuring the Moments.

Oops--I guess we've treasured a few too many moments tonight: it's time to stack the cups and gather up the notebooks. Meet you next week at the nature trail!

Thanks to everyone who participated this week! You can submit your blog article to the next edition of The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival by using this submission form .


Amber(HomeschoolDiva) said...

Thank you so much for this. I learn something new every time we have a Carnival.

Have a great day!

Betsy said...

Was I too late? I submitted something before the deadline I do believe.

CB said...

These are so fun to read. Thanks for getting it ready. I will be coming back with my cup of tea to read some more later!

Mama Squirrel said...

Betsy, I'm so sorry that you were missed! I had to fish several of the other entries out of my spam box; but occasionally they do seem to get lost in cyberspace as well (I know from doing previous carnivals). Could you re-submit it for the next one?--because they won't be coming to my address now.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Lots of great stuff again! Thanks for hosting the carnival and I am enjoying all the entries and visiting everyone's blogs.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Mama Squirrel said...

Betsy--problem solved! The post was just misplaced.

Betsy said...

No worries!!

Javamom said...

Nice listing of ideas!

One of these days I will get one of my posts submitted on time (grin).

Javamom :-)

Jimmie said...

I'm coming very late to the carnival. But thanks for hosting anyway! Great ideas here!