Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey! Our interview's up!

We are today's featured frugal family at Frugal Hacks. For all the scoop on Dewey and the rest--check it out. Thanks, Kim!

(I should explain, though, that the interview was written awhile ago--in case you're wondering how we can be out picking rhubarb in the middle of November.)


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for introducing me to another great blog. Loved this quote from you in the interview "A big part of frugality is cultivating contentment, trying to get a bigger sense of reality, realizing that most people in the world get along with a lot less than what the media seems to promote as “normal.” " That is oh so true. I had to read it to my 15yodd - I knew she'd appreciate it.

Mama Martin said...

I had wondered about the rhubarb! We're well into winter here in northern Alberta.

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