Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Latin links

Melissa has posted links to more online Latin resources. (See our previous post Spanish with Kim, Latin with Ann.)

I'm sort of collecting these links too, because...sooner or later...we will be diving into Latin with Ponytails. I really, really don't know how well she and I are going to do on it, so it isn't something I've been rushing to start. The Apprentice and I tried out a couple of programs and didn't get beyond about lesson 14 (the point in any language course where you realize how much work you're getting into). Virtues of Latin aside, it's not easy fitting it in when you're trying to get French lessons done as well! But maybe in the last term of this school year...around the time we start Plutarch and Shakespeare. (Ponytails is in AO's Year 4, the year when you're supposed to begin those things...but for one reason and another, mainly a late-in-the-year birthday, I wanted to hold off a bit on making those transitions. )

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Thanks for the great links!

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