Friday, November 16, 2007

What's for dinner?...and stealing recipes

Hum, well, this started out to be a what's-in-your-hand dinner idea but it turned into an example of how not to give credit where it's due.

What's in my hand? Ground beef. What don't I want to do with it?--anything involving tomatoes or pasta (had things like that several times recently). What do I have?--an article torn from the 2/18/03 Woman's World magazine. Featuring...Debi and her Frozen Assets cook-ahead methods. (In case you don't know, Debi is also a CM homeschooler, which is how I got to know her online way back.)

In the accompanying recipes (I'm not sure whether they came from Debi or from the magazine staff) is "Beef and Vegetable Paprikash." Five ingredients: ground beef, onion soup mix, paprika, water, sour cream, frozen peppers and jarred sliced mushrooms. Check on everything except the frozen peppers and mushrooms; but I do have half a bag of Italian-style frozen vegetables that could work in a pinch. All systems go for dinner.

Stealing recipes? Not stealing...borrowing?...borrowing without credit?...anyway, I found the whole set of recipes online, passed from somebody to somebody on a forum several years ago.

And that's why people who write articles and invent recipes and design things get so irritated at the rest of us these days.

End of lecture. Bon appetit.

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Debi said...

Actually, those recipes were from the Woman's World staff and not my own. But I'm sure the magazine staff wouldn't appreciate their recipes just being passed around the internet ... especially without proper attribution. I know they feel ... it happens to me all the time.

~Debi (yes, THAT Debi) ;-)

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