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Carnival of Homeschooling #101: Snowed-In Edition

Welcome to the 101st Carnival of Homeschooling: Snowed-In Edition. This comes with a bonus: eleven cold and snowy excerpts from children's books--without authors or titles. Can you name the books? Answers are posted here. (The quotations are written in Arial and have numbers following them so you can check the answers.) Hint: there is not even one quote from any Little House book.

Here we go:

"O ye Frost and Cold, bless ye the Lord, praise Him, and magnify Him for ever," sang Will, reflecting that Mr Beaumont had shown a certain wry humour in choosing the canticle. "O ye Ice and Snow, bless ye the Lord, praise Him, and magnify Him for ever." (1)


“Hush now, lad,” said Aunt Nan.
“You will have to wait until spring.
Nothing can get over
the mountains now, not even the mail.”
“No mail all winter?”
John asked.
“That’s right,”
Old Joe said.

Ragamuffin Studies presents A FAT City Moment: Auditory Processing and Wait Time. "Sometimes even the most dedicated mother needs one of those 'walk-a-mile-in-LD-shoes' moments. The other day I had one of those experiences that reminded me, once again, what kids with APD go through every day of their lives."

Barbara Frank presents His Proudest Achievement: "A British dad proudly shares that he did what schools apparently cannot do anymore: he taught his children to read."


It was growing darker every minute and what with that and the snowflakes swirling all round him he could hardly see three feet ahead. And then too there was no road. He kept slipping into deep drifts of snow, and skidding on frozen puddles, and tripping over fallen tree-trunks, and sliding down steep banks, and barking his shins against rocks, till he was wet and cold and bruised all over. The silence and the loneliness were dreadful…..[He said] to himself, “When I’m the King of XX the first thing I shall do will be to make some decent roads.” (3)

Little Homeschool on the Prairie presents a bittersweet look at The Homeschooling Mystique.

Alasandra presents Voiceless Homeschoolers: "homeschoolers are a diverse group and no one group of homeschoolers can presume to speak for all homeschoolers."

Homeschool 2.0 presents Should We Tell Kids They Are Smart? "What’s your philosophy about intelligence? Does each person have a fixed intelligence or is our intellectual capacity malleable and growable?"


By the middle of the pasture, the flakes were falling thicker. Now the wind drove Irene along so rudely she had to hop, skip, and go helter-skeltering over the knobby ground. Cold snow sifted into her boots and chilled her feet. She pushed out her lip and hurried on. This was an important errand….[The wind] swept up and scattered the fallen snow, got in front of Irene to keep her from moving ahead. Irene turned around and pressed on backwards. (4)

April presents Too creeped out by my Nature Walk Suggestions? posted at Lunablog.net. "This post has some affirming tips for folks who feel a bit uncomfortable or bored when they are out in nature."

The Joyful Journey presents Defending Homeschooling.

Dana presents
Homeschool support where it matters most, posted at Principled Discovery. (There's an interesting twist to this one!)

Consent Of The Governed presents Homeschooler Question Of The Day. "Do you really have homeschooling freedom if others are able to make important judgments about your homeschooling?"

The Deputyheadmistress agrees with the importance of Parental Influence, posted at The Common Room.

Christine also discusses the benefits of being educationally proactive in your child's life in Is Homeschooling Right For Your Family?, posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.


“On the little that could be seen of his face behind some unusually white-looking whiskers there was a mixture of surprise and excitement as he took in the sight which met his eyes. Overnight a great change had come over the weather. Whereas the day before had been mild, almost spring-like for early January, now everything was covered by a thick white blanket of snow which reached almost to the top of his Wellington boots.” (5)

Summer presents
Loving Nature posted at Wired For Noise.

Cognitive Fitness Blog presents Robert Emmons on the Positive Psychology of Gratitude.


[She] stood at the little window looking out in wonderment, for the snow was beginning again, and the thick flakes kept falling till the snow was up to the window; and still they continued to fall, and the snow grew higher, so that at last the window could not be opened, and [they] were shut up fast within the hut. (6)

(Here's a hint for this quote: Goat Milk Soap, posted at Lothlorien.)

The Life Without School Blog presents So Do You Get Bored With Me? "Linda worries that her daughter does not have enough social interaction after she moves to a new town. Her daughter has a surprising response to her worries!"

NerdMom presents
Nerds, High School, and Socialization posted at Nerd Family.


In most places the snow was still hardly lying at all, for the wind kept catching it up off the ground in sheets and clouds, and hurling it in their faces. And round their feet little eddies of snow ran about as you sometimes see them doing over ice. And, indeed, in many places, the surface was almost as smooth as ice….Fighting her way forward with hood up and head down and numb hands inside her cloak....the only things she thought about were her cold hands (and nose and chin and ears) and hot baths and beds at Harfang. (7)

PalmTree Pundit (one homeschooler who will probably not be getting snowed in) presents Getting My Groove Back. "I've been homeschooling long enough now (we're in our sixth year) to know that periods of panic and discouragement will come -- and they will go. After a break, I recently made some adjustments in our schooling, and I'm enjoying renewed energy and joy."


Tonya Power presents How school is going lately posted at Domestic Entropy. "This is an update on the education of our five-year-old, describing our methods, successes, and challenges."


At Home, On Fire presents Why I Dumped Language.

Sometimes I'm Actually Coherent presents My Beef With Social Studies posted. "I gripe about how the topics of history, geography, economics, government, philosophy, and other miscellany often get short-changed when they are lumped together as one subject."

(But if you don't know where else to start...how about Plunging into History with Home Spun Juggling, or as they put it, "How our history studies ended up down the drain.")

JacciM presents The Workbook: Tool or Tyrant? posted at The Educational Life. "How much freedom should we, as home educating parents, give ourselves to tailor lesson schedules to the specific needs of our children? And what if that "tailoring" means we won't finish the book by the end of the school year?"

Homeschooling High School presents Got Margins?

School Is Hell presents One Way to Raise a Child: Unschooling.


ChristineMM presents Thoughts on Housecleaning and Tidyness posted at The Thinking Mother.


SeaBird Chronicles presents Art and How to Hang It: "an easy and economical way to display the art you and/or your kids create (perfect for holiday decorations as well!)."

Conscious Play presents Using an Easel Builds Strength.

"Here's a little something to help families that may be visiting some art museums this winter break." Barb presents
Need Help with Modern Art? at The Heart of Harmony.


Homeschoolbuzz.com Reviews presents The Water Horse: Homeschool Review.

Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths reviews a Great High School Planning Resource.


The ladder was his only hope, and yet there was so much more work to do….It was not much later when the wind began howling through the dark woods and fine flakes of snow whipped through the branches of the oak. Indoors it was warm and cozy, and to take his mind off his misery Warton decided to play a game of solitaire. (8)

Let's play math! presents Fraction models, and a card game .


The rest of the fieldmice, perched in a row on the settle, their small legs swinging, gave themselves up to enjoyment of the fire, and toasted their chilblains till they tingled; while [their host], failing to draw them into easy conversation, plunged into family history and made each of them recite the names of his numerous brothers, who were too young, it appeared, to be allowed to go out a-carolling this year, but looked forward very shortly to winning the parental consent. (9)

Tea Party Girl presents How To Be an Unanxious Hostess.

My Domestic Church presents
Baking of the Bannocks! "Baking bannocks to celebrate St. Andrew's Day and to correlate with our study of Laura Ingalls' great-grandmother who grew up in Scotland."


The Daily Planet presents The 14 Days of Homeschooling: "A homeschool twist to a little jingle for you to enjoy."


Mandy presents Teaching Math Using Exercise posted at Building Blocks Blog.

The Homeschool Math Blog presents Pan Balance Problems to Teach Algebraic Reasoning."This post includes a FREE gift: download a whole lesson from my upcoming book of some pan balance (or scales) problems where children solve for the unknown."

Wild About Math! presents Mathcast #2: Quick multiplication of two 2-digit numbers.

SOME MAKE SNOWFLAKES (like we don't have enough already?)

I'm not crazy, I'm homeschooling presents Snowflakes and Chemistry.... Kindergarten Crafting! "An easy craft, with little clean up, that offered a unique opportunity to teach a little chemistry."


"We'll be lucky if we each get one present," said Susan. "Maybe we won't get any present at all," said Neddie. "Maybe Santa Claus won't be able to come, because it's snowing so hard...." "That doesn't make any difference to Santa Claus," said Betsy. "He always comes. Come on, let's help Santa Claus. Let's make presents." (10)

HowToMe presents How to Make Natural Christmas Ornaments. "Making one's own Christmas ornaments is a frugal and memorable way to deck the halls and enjoy the season."

Ramblings presents O Christmas Tree .

HappyCampers presents
Reese Is An Elf! posted at Reese's View Of The World. "This is the cutest thing I've ever found on the internet. You can turn your family into dancing elves."

AboutHomeschooling provides some Christmas Printables.

Little Acorns Treehouse presents Our Advent Tradition: Learning about Christmas Traditions and Symbols.

Day by Day Homeschooling.presents Day by Day Advent Calender!


Summer presents Sleep - Another Reason to Homeschool posted at Mom Is Teaching.


“You can fly in storms,” said Aunt Lily. “You’ve flown in storms before.” “That’s different—I was alone.” “I don’t see the difference,” said Aunt Lily. “If you can fly in a storm, we can fly in this storm if we have to. And that is that.” (11)

At Why Homeschool, Henry writes about what factors contribute to success.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, and to the Cates for their shovelling! Next week's Carnival of Homeschooling will be hosted by Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths. You can submit your posts to the next edition of Carnival of Homeschooling using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.


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