Thursday, January 31, 2008

Books Read in January

I don't usually keep a list of these, largely because there are a lot of books I never get quite to the end of and it makes me feel guilty. Kind of like those years when I was almost done university and I had to keep explaining that I was done, well, more or less, I only needed a couple of credits, and they were electives.

But I did finish, really finish, these books over the past month. One of the Mitford books squeaked in because I read it during a car trip on December 30th, but close enough.

Aristotle for Everybody, by Mortimer J. Adler (okay, I skimmed a few parts, but I will be going over it all more carefully when The Apprentice starts philosophy next week)

Ballet Shoes and The Westing Game (re-reads with the Squirrelings) (We also watched the new BBC movie of Ballet Shoes but did not like it; we much prefer the 1975 version.)

Happiness™, by Will Ferguson (loaned to me by someone with a strange sense of humor; don't run out looking for this because some parts of it are quite offensive. I'll post about that one later on).

The first, third, fourth and fifth books in the Mitford series. I don't usually like things labelled "Christian fiction" or "womens' novels," but these are an exception. (I have nothing against Christian writing but I don't like Christian-bookstore-writing.)

The book of Isaiah (only six chapters to go, so I think I'll reach my goal).

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Birdie said...

Interesting stuff. Lots of variety there... You must be a homeschooler! ;)