Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some actual content, not just a link

Yes, I am programmed to do more than just link to everybody else's blogs.

Let's see, this week so far:

1. We're trying some family experiments in boosting protein (a.k.a. slowly moving toward cutting down sugar). We have, in the usual Treehouse fashion, stick-tacked lists of peoples' favourite protein-dense foods on the kitchen wall as a reminder. So far the younger Squirrelings think this is actually fun; they were very impressed by the Big Protein Count of the beef with mushroom sauce we had tonight.

2. We have several readalouds going at once, some school-related and some more like dessert. Books on the go with one or more Squirrelings include the D'Aulaires' George Washington (this is a lot of fun, if you can imagine George Washington being fun), The Westing Game, Little Clearing in the Woods (a Caroline book), and Ballet Shoes. I'm also waiting to start The Light Princess with Crayons.

3. There's snow, but not really enough to have fun in. Big dumps aren't fun to clear out, but we sort of need one to bring back the sledding.

4. The Apprentice is heading towards the end of her first semester (exams the end of this month). Next month we start Intro to Philosophy at home along with her new school classes.

5. I'm having rummage sale withdrawal...need...junk...books...puzzles...the end of January is usually when they start up again!

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Marsha said...

My own church is having its first rummage sale in a couple months - I am irrationally excited about it! For us the yard/rummage sale season doesn't really start until spring, and since Easter is early this year I'm guessing it won't start in earnest until well after that. We'll see. My list is pretty short this year - canning and storage jars, garden tools, that kind of thing. Of course, I'm trying not to dwell on my wish list, because then those things never show up at the sales!

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