Monday, January 14, 2008

What makes you so special?

Meredith really wants to know--at least, what makes you, if you're a frugal blogger, different from all the rest of the frugal bloggers on the roll at Frugal Hacks. Check out the post AND the comments for links to some interesting-sounding blogs. I also liked the twist in her conclusion:

"Not coincidentally, narrowing my blog focus to the themes that please my readers most has also helped me focus my own frugality at home."

As for us? Well, I tried to pin it down in our own Frugal Hacks interview:
"I sometimes feel like I need to apologize for some things I can’t provide to the frugal blog world, such as brilliant craft ideas, wardrobe plans, or amazing d├ęcor tips. (I read other peoples’ blogs for those.) My particular frugal talents seem to be finding uses for bits and pieces, especially in the homeschooling area. Some of our most-visited posts have been about using scrounged materials for homeschooling."
And I know some people liked this bit at the end:
"A big part of frugality is cultivating contentment, trying to get a bigger sense of reality, realizing that most people in the world get along with a lot less than what the media seems to promote as 'normal.'”
I've never dumpster-dived; I don't live on the lowest budget ever heard of (although we're statistically below average, like a lot of one-income families). There are lots of places I know we could improve (and that's why I like reading all those other frugal bloggers!). But if there's anything we have learned or tried that might work for someone else--I'm happy to share it here.


Lyn said...

"Hungry Planet" is a sobering book. I've seen some of the photos online, but now really want to see the book.

I just got to read your interview at Frugal Hacks. It sounds to me like frugal creativity is a big strength of yours.

I enjoy the challenge, as yourself, to come up with uses for things, using substitutions when needed and not shopping for every little thing that comes up. :)

dsimple said...

You said: "A big part of frugality is cultivating contentment ..."

Amen, Mama Squirrel! :-)

I read a wonderful book awhile back called 'The Art of Divine Contentment' by Thomas Watson, a Puritan writer from several centuries ago. Yes, even the Puritan's dealt with it.

I personally feel that discontent is something that's dogged the footsteps of humans for as long as we've been around. I sort of think it was probably a form of discontent that set into Eve's heart and brought her to the point of tasting something she knew was wrong.

I have a post on my blog called "Contentment Robbers" ... it's about those things that can creep in and steal our contentment from us.


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