Saturday, February 09, 2008

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Across the world and into the culture shock of...Texas. Lindafay describes Arrival and Adjustment at Higher Up and Further In.

Becky posts a Truly Canadian Poem about Truly Canadian Winter. And yes, I am gritting my teeth as well just about now; more snow is falling, and more's on the way. I wouldn't mind so much (except for how much work it is to shovel it out of the driveway and keep the steps clear); but every time we get a storm this winter, it plays deep havoc with Mr. Fixit's weather-sensitive head, and that's not nice. But I still laughed when I read this--apologies to Kipling.

Here, Mrs. Mouse--you want a cookie recipe? Like Becky, I live in a country where Girl Guide cookies (check out the vintage package!) traditionally come only in chocolate and vanilla (and I haven't had one in years). These Samoas (is that a pun on S'Mores?) look much more interesting. Maybe for Valentine's Day.

And this is turning into the Becky-sphere rather than the Blogosphere: she also has some news on the Anne of Green Gables prequel and AGG-anniversary events.

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Becky at Farm School said...

What a hoot to think of the Becky-sphere! Thanks for all of the mentions, Mama Squirrel.

I think it's more that we're Canadian Kindred Kind, with the same wintry landscape out the window, and the same hankering for comfort food...

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