Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Beehive is Buzzing

In which Fa-So-La-La prepares for her soon-to-be Life Outside The Hive.

(How is the Queen Bee holding up?)

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queen shenaynay said...

She's buzzing, she's buzzing!

We've been prayerfully anxious (the sort of anxious you don't want to be, because it doesn't feel as trusting as you mean to be, but then you can't help it because you're human and because you're kids are involved -- you know what I mean)over the fiance's efforts to get a job here for several months now, which became more tense as situations worsened with the airlines (American instituting a hiring freeze two weeks ago, Delta merging with Northwest about the same time, etc). We've not been able to move forward with wedding plans until all that was resolved, and frankly the chances of it resolving at all were very small. But nothing God does is small, in the end, and it has finally resolved... with God's fingerprints all over it.

Yes, the Beehive is buzzing! And the Queen is happy. A little emotional at times, but happy.

And really, really busy.

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