Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now that's a cool job (or how to make buffalo burgers)

How would you like to work at the Canadian Living Test Kitchen answering peoples' cooking questions?

They've posted many of them (plus answers) here.

A sampling:

My husband is a vegetarian and I'm lactose intolerant. Can you recommend some books that can get us away from stir-frying?
How long does vinegar keep?
What is couscous and what salads can it be used in?
What is the difference between the many olive oils? Extra-virgin, virgin -- I thought a virgin was a virgin!
Any tips for cooking with low-fat cheese?
Ho do I store my homegrown chives?
What exactly is Canadian bacon?
What do they mean when they ask you to cut lamb crosswise?

And my personal favourite:

Are there any recipes specific to buffalo or do I use beef recipes and substitute the meat?

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Birdie said...

Too funny! Thanks for the giggle.

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