Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two good posts on Frugal Hacks

1. An interview with Gina who blogs at Six in the Country. "Somehow when I decided to challenge myself to an entire year’s food budget of $1500, including mass amounts of products for resell, it became my niche. I get many questions on shopping and finding good deals. I also get lots of questions on menus and budgeting. Many people seem interested that I can make it on so little. I don’t know if I will make it, but I am giving it my very best try."

2. Janel's post on the hidden costs of things, "I Missed That Box!" "Some of you may envy me for having a big house and get testy when I whine about it. I can appreciate that. Unfortunately, if you magically got one like it tomorrow, you would find out that big houses come with hidden and unrealized costs. By the way, those expenses have nothing to do with the mortgage payment, closing costs or taxes."

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Birdie said...

Sounds like some good stuff. I'll have to head over and check it out! Sooo... If my hubby asks where I am.... ;)

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