Monday, April 14, 2008

What's next, rummage-sale cooking?

Meredith has some interesting links to articles (and a cookbook!) about cooking from the 99 cent store.

Sounds kind of like our post about groceries from Giant Tiger. But Giant Tiger at least has dairy, bread, frozen food and a few fresh vegetables. I'm visualizing a dollar-store dinner made up of rice crackers, coffee whitener, pudding mix, and canned peas...

But apparently somebody thinks you can do it!

[Update: OK, I watched the video and obviously there's a big difference between what's available at Jack's 99 Cent and what's on the shelf at our Dollarama! I mean, tilapia from the dollar store? Not here, my friend. Maybe the V-8 juice.]

1 comment:

Birdie said...

I don't know about rummage-sale cooking, but we could have a nice bloggy pot luck with everyone bringing a cheap easy recipe that their children will actually eat! ;)

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