Friday, July 25, 2008

This does look like fun

Today's Homeschool Freebie is another vintage cookbook: The Fun of Cooking: A Story for Boys and Girls.

"This classic 1915 storybook / cookbook by Caroline French Benton follows the Blair family throughout the year as they enjoy the holidays, camping, and other activities together - and also prepare some delicious meals and snacks along the way. A great cookbook and “how to” guide for kids AND adults, this has some great recipes for old-fashioned candy, outdoor cooking, tea-time, meals, snacks, and holiday treats. Great illustrations and a fun storyline that teaches as well as entertains makes this a great home ec learning resource you’ll refer to again and again."

If you want to know what books are coming up each week, you can sign up for an e-mail preview. Which would have kept me from missing some good ones that have already gone by...but oh well.


Tim's Mom said...

A fellow AOer has tagged you to describe six quirky things about yourself. To see the rules of the tag, go to

molytail said...

Fitting with the frugality topic, the new one is now a money management eBook.. :-)

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