Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grocery Cart Challenge Blog

I don't know if I've ever linked to The Grocery Cart Challenge before...but it's wonderful! And it does put nails in the coffin to that idea that you can't eat well for $100 a week--check out this hsing mom who's trying to do it for $50. She admits that most weeks they're closer to $60, when you include non-food items--well, shame on her, right? Wish I could do that well!

I like her balance of trying to use what she already has and stocking up just when she's already under budget for the week--I know there are other approaches, but this one seems to be working for her family. Check it out--I like the recipe links, too.


minivanlife said...

Wow, I'm off to check out this link! My grocery bill is insane.

Parisa said...

thanks for that article, i buy organic and gluten free grocery all the time and i found thati was just spending fartoo much on grocer shopping so i did some research and i found that these guys are by far the cheapest supplier of organic and gluten free grocery products

people might also like to check out the government grocery choice website as a guide

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