Sunday, August 03, 2008

More fractured expressions

Part One:

One from the back of an Arthur video: "Will Arthur spend the rest of his life at D.W.'s beckon call, endlessly fetching ginger ale and playing Crazy-eights?"

Shame on the Arthur people for letting that one get by.

And yet when I googled "beckon call" it appeared not only on lists of expressions that certain people get confused, but in many other places online.

Just so we all know--it's "beck and call." You can beckon Arthur to fetch you gingerale, but when you make him your slave, he's at your beck and call.

Part Two:

Today Crayons told me she was so cold she was getting "goof bumps."

Aren't kids funny, I thought--isn't that original?

Well, I googled that one too, and noticed that several other peoples' kids beat Crayons to it, which doesn't bother me at all, it was still funny--but when I noticed that several adults also referred to "goof bumps," it did make me wonder. "I felt goof bumps washing over my arms. This was one of the few times I actually felt I belonged, at least partially to the group. ..." This was my favourite, though:
"I got goof bumps and everythin." Larry slammed the desk again. "You killed them. Squirrel! You shot Gus. You shot him and you shot Luisa and you shot Paul. ...
Oh my...that writing is so good it gives me goof bumps.


Donna-Jean said...

I hate 'wa la,' pr however people attempt to write 'voila.,' Also it now seems common for even otherwise good writers to write 'loose' when they mean 'lose.'

I know someone who says, with a straight face, supposably. Maybe she's made up a new word :-)

Sebastian said...

In Hawaii, they say that you have chicken skin instead of goose bumps.

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