Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quirky Things Meme

Tim's Mom invited me to describe some "quirky things" about me awhile back.


Generally I don't get along too well with machines--programmable or not, moving or not. Cars in particular--I don't drive and I just couldn't seem to train my brain to do all the right things at the right time. I also don't totally get thermostats, entertainment systems, and which button to push on the vacuum cleaner to make it suck things up and not spit out the bag. Also how to turn off the right button on the clock radio so that it doesn't keep bleeping ten minutes later.

However, I do like kitchen plug-in toys and other gizmos. For some reason I had no problem figuring out all the programs on the bread machine, and I've tried most of them already (haven't tried the bagel setting). (We've even found out it makes good banana bread.) I squeezed the last drop of cooperation out of our wedding-gift food processor until Mr. Fixit came up with a thrift-store replacement.

I know I could cook with a frying pan and a couple of pots, but I just find slow cookers and blenders and bread machines a lot of fun. And not as scary as the DVD remote. (Did anybody else out there ever see a newspaper cartoon, a long time ago, about a woman who just adored her "blendy?" That would be me.)

Another quirk, not so good sometimes, is that my body's very tuned into the weather. I know a lot of other people like that too, including most of the other Treehouse Squirrels, Mr. Fixit in particular. I don't mean sneezing when the pollen's out; I mean pressure changes, rain coming. If I'm walking around looking like I need another coffee or six, it's probably because the pressure's changing.

If I ever need a second career, maybe I'll get hired in one of those little German weather houses. (She pops out, he pops in.)

Is that quirky enough for you?

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Birdie said...

"Another quirk, not so good sometimes, is that my body's very tuned into the weather. "

I'm like that,too, but in my case it is tied to my SID. ;) My eldest son and I are spending today waiting for Hurricane Gustav to head on up our way.

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