Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tracking grocery prices

Going to the grocery store just isn't much fun lately.

Especially this week, when, out of several things, we decided to skip the discount store for one that's a little pricier but closer to home. There were an awful lot of things that I just shuddered and passed by. In spite of a few good deals we found, it didn't feel like we got an awful lot for our money.

Large eggs 2.39
Store-brand corn flakes, 750 g 2.99
Cheddar cheese, 500 g 7.79
Store-brand cheese slices, 4.19
Whole-wheat bread 2.50
Bagels, 6 3.29
Seedless oranges, 3 lb. 3.49
Store-brand wieners 1.99
Cottage cheese 2.69
Store-brand margarine, 1 lb. .99 (this was a good deal)


PirateMum said...

We stopped for a few items this morning and the kids desperately wanted raisin bread. I agreed until I saw the price - $4.09!!! I said I would gladly make them raisin bread but there is NO way I'm paying that!

molytail said...

Ouch @ that cheddar cheese price! I won't buy cc most of the time without a coupon (oh!! Let me check something out for you in a second) or it being on sale...

molytail said...

Okay found it .. I'm betting you're familiar with save.ca? If you're not, go there, select english, then your province.... there's a coupon there for $2 off the Live Active cheese (any kind) and they make a block cheddar. It comes up for your province, I checked. :-) (if you've never used them - it comes via mail)

There's also $1 off Mr Clean Magic Erasers if you use those - I love 'em!

Mama Squirrel said...

Molytail, my Apprentice (teenager) gets coupons from save.ca, so we have had the ones you mentioned. My biggest problem with those coupons is that they expire very quickly and I don't always get a chance to use them, or the store brand is still cheaper, or our discount supermarket just doesn't carry whatever variety of whatever it is. I still haven't even seen that LivActive cheese.

I do use coupons if I have them and they make sense (something we were going to buy anyway).

But thanks!

molytail said...

Yeah, I've had a few save.ca ones expire on me too.... they should have a longer date!

That cheese, I'm pretty sure I've gotten it at both (Atlantic) Superstore and Sobeys... But I haven't seen it at the smaller ones..

Hey, do you know about the (Canadian) Frugal Shopper forum?

FindSavings said...

I also couldn't believe the price of cheese on my last trip. Was looking for something cheap so that I could hide my puppies pills in. Figured just get a block of velveta but almost fell over when I saw the $8 price. Ended up getting the smallest pack of cheese I could find for $4.

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