Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well, that's a little better (grocery prices)

Good grocery deals are still around...I guess we just have to be patient and wait for the good weeks. This weekend's best deals (for us) all seemed to be at Giant Tiger (the store that's not a grocery store). So that's where we went. We spent $109.26 on edible things and another $45 on drugstore/paper/pencil crayons/floor mat/socks. Considering we've easily spent more than all that just on one week's groceries lately, it's not too bad.

Sample prices:

Canned pasta sauce .94 (reg. 1.68)
Manwich sauce .99 (reg. 1.57)
Corn Bran Squares cereal 2.47 (reg. 3.47)
Cottage cheese 2.53
Whole wheat bread 1.97
Apple juice, 1 L (1 qt.) .77 (reg. .96)
Honey, 500 g 3.47
Bagels, 6 1.29
Cheddar cheese, 520 g 7.87
Bananas, 3 lb. 1.71
2% milk, 4L 4.48

1 comment:

molytail said...

Those look a bit better - your bananas are cheaper than the ones I bought yesterday at 79 cents/lb ...I hadn't bought bananas in...well, forever (I'm the only banana liking person in the house) and was surprised...I thought I remembered bananas being around 49c/lb... are we in a banana shortage that I don't know about? :-P

We don't have one of the Giant Tiger's here...yet anyway.

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