Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doesn't everybody buy their health food at Giant Tiger?

We stopped in at Giant Tiger last weekend--one Squirreling needed some black and white clothing items for choir, Mama Squirrel wanted gift wrap (not everything can go in a Glitzy Gift Sack), and there were a few other thises and thatses. We even found a pair of jeans for Crayons who had none that fit her. (We are not the kind of Squirrels that would make her wrap them up and wait until Christmas.)

We don't do big grocery runs at Giant Tiger now because they don't carry the no-salt versions of some basic stuff. (We've found a local independent supermarket that works well for us.) But they do have lightly-salted chips (Mama Squirrel picked up a bag for Mr. Fixit). And Mama Squirrel made a point of picking up a box of raw sugar to make a batch of Coffeemamma's Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Mr. Fixit doesn't like fancy Christmas cookies, low-sodium or otherwise, but he does like chocolate chip cookies.)


Well, that's where I get it. It's demerara sugar, packed in 600 g boxes, distributed by a company in Quebec. I don't use it a lot but it gives a nice texture to those cookies.

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