Friday, December 26, 2008

How to give 25-cent books for Christmas

With lovely inscriptions inside by people you've never heard of?

It's just a matter of attitude.

Mama Squirrel loves to give books for Christmas, but this year she had no new ones in stock. A trip to the thrift shop produced about three likely-looking books per Squirreling, and they were all in decent condition, but they had the usual "To Jane from Your Teacher" notes and pencilled prices inside the covers.

So the books were wrapped good longstanding family tradition...from Uncle Dewey and his "WOdenT REAding CluB" (the squirrel and his friends are very literate but their printing isn't so good). Because it's okay for the puppets and stuffies to give "THWIFT Shop" presents, even the kind that have obviously been pre-owned. That's the sort of place a stuffed squirrel, a backyard chipmunk, and a hamster would feel comfortable shopping, and Uncle Dewey's usually a little bit "bwoke" after losing too many poker games.

Logic and a sense of humour--all you need. (And about a quarter per book.) I know nobody else lives with Dewey Squirrel, but you can always wrap things up from the dog, or the basement troll, or whoever else you have in your household mythology.


Queen of Carrots said...

We have a particular Elf who gives the hard-to-wrap presents. (He's a young elf, so that's why his wrapping isn't so good.)

Birdie said...

Adorable idea!

Our household mythology includes Yehudit who lives in our refrigerator and is responsible for turning off and on the light and eating all of those items that mysteriously disappear. ;)

Becky said...

So many of our books have these inscriptions that the kids don't find it strange at all to receive their own like that, for birthdays or Christmases :).

And of course, it's the only way to find so many lovely out of print books. I gave my youngest (7.5yo) Edwin Tunis's "Indians" under the tree, which I had bought a year ago through in the US, back when our dollar was much stronger.

Merry Christmas belatedly, Mama Squirrel, to you and your family, including Uncle Dewey!

Sebastian said...

I gave several CD sets from Half Priced Books this year. One boy said, this was used, right? But otherwise, they seem to just be thrilled that they have gotten something they love.
Of course, you don't get a 4000+ personal library without buying a lot of stuff from library sales and used bookstores.

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I love it! I keep wondering when my 6-yr-old will notice that so many of his presents are not new.

Merry christmas to you.

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