Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I really, really, really wanted one (Bad Toy Nostalgia)

The 1970's were prime years here for the Christmas Wish Book--especially because a lot of people where I lived shopped through The Catalogue. Those were the days when we wrote out Family-Circus-inspired two-page (or ten-page) Christmas wish lists--with pages and prices included. Of course we were told to circle one or two things that we really really really wanted--the other stuff (like a rock tumbler) went on the list every year just out of habit.

So this is my question: what's the dumbest childhood toy that you ever asked for (and got) for Christmas or another holiday, preferably inspired by TV advertising or a page in the catalogue? Did you ever ask for (and get) a gumball machine? A Shoppin' Sheryl doll? (Okay, she was pretty cute.) A Give-a-Show Projector? A magic set that never really worked?

(If you need some inspiration or want to jog your memories, check out the TimeWarp Vintage Toys website.)

I'll start: Shaker Maker, approximately 1972, a kit that made little moulded plaster monsters. Hoo boy, what was I thinking? You could have about as much fun shaking up instant pudding, and it would have tasted better too.

Your turn!

P.S. TimeWarp Toys is a fun website to browse through--did anybody else ever make DaisySnaps jewelry? Or are you old enough to remember Rat Fink Rings?


Katie said...

Baby Alive. Her mouth really moved and ate baby food, and then you got to really change her diaper.

Donna-Jean said...

I desperately wanted "Little Miss No-Name." Talk about maudlin. This poor doll had a permanent bluish plastic tear stuck to her cheek. I think she came in a kind of burlap-like garment, too. I used to believe all dolls had feelings, so I felt sort of obliged to give this one a home.

I just found a link for it:

I do seem to recall that I did think that doll was special, though :-)

(Merry Christmas to everyone in the treehouse!)

Adventures On Beck's Bounty said...

Shrinky Dinks -- those plastic pieces in various shapes and characters that you painted, and then heated in the oven to "shrink". And I got them --- nothing says Merry Christmas like a home filled with the smell of burning plastic. HA !!

Speaking of bad toys, did you see commericals for the Talking Potty Training doll this year ? Ewwwwwwwwwww. even my girls, who love dolls, thought that was one fo the most disgusting toys they had ever seen. HA ! And my nearly-13yo said "don't other children have imaginations ?" Hummmmmmmmm.

Merry CHRISTmas,

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