Sunday, December 28, 2008

Music I want to listen to in 2009

These CDs came from someone else's list of best-ever music to listen to--but I've forgotten where I saw it (probably in one of the Toronto newspapers a couple of years ago). The list refers to specific pieces within the CDs.

Bach, Brandenburg Concerto. No. 6, Tafelmusik (can't find this at our library, though)

Korngold, Violin Concerto, James Ehnes (hm, also not at the library)

Elgar, Piano Quintet, Sorrel Quartet with Ian Brown (not at the library; I'm beginning to see a pattern here--and we do have pretty good libraries)

Debussy, Images (deuxième cahier), Vanessa Wagner

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Tim's Mom said...

Was the Debussy at the library?

You might try - you can download individual pieces for 99 cents (although, if a piece has four movements, it would be four downloads, so it would be more...) They have a pretty nice collection of classical music, and they're performed professionally.

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