Monday, December 08, 2008

Treehouse Christmas CDs (and others)

The Queen of Carrots wants to know what our favourite holiday CDs are.

As always, the beautiful recommendations of some of my more musical friends have almost completely scared me out of admitting the paltry state of our Christmas music pantry. (Previous posts on this topic: 2005, 2006 ) To tell the truth, if or when I want a Bobby Helms-Chipmunks-type Christmas fix I usually turn on the local easy-listening station That Plays Christmas Music Non-Stop For a Month. If I want something more interesting I listen to the CBC.

But these are probably the best of what we have on CD:

1. George Winston, December (if you've ever listened to the Rabbit Ears version of The Velveteen Rabbit, you've heard a lot of this 1982 recording already)

2. An Oscar Peterson Christmas (jazz piano)

3. Loreena McKennitt, To Drive the Cold Winter Away

4. Mr. Fixit got me some classical-choral-type Christmas cassettes last year, as my present; but you know how it is, you get them for Christmas and then you don't have enough time to listen to them properly? So I'm still just checking them out for this year.

5. Anne Murray's Christmas, on cassette.

6. “German Christmas: Candlelight Hours” (sorry, that link won't work--I'll keep trying)

7. The CD I asked Mr. Fixit for, for this Christmas.

Oh yes--this is actually a meme. So if you want to play too, go ahead.

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Katie said...

George Winston is one of my favorites.

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