Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Carnival of Homeschooling #162: Identity Crisis Edition

"We were happily learning at home, things were going wonderfully, and I had absolutely no doubt that we were doing just what we were meant to be doing.

"Then like many other moms, I joined a local support group so that I could meet up with other like minded moms and learn from their experiences. Learn I did! There were so many great ideas and books that I had never heard of, different learning philosophies and schedules and children that were way ahead of mine. I wanted to suck up all of their knowledge and I wanted to know how I could be just like all of them. That's right...it was like having an identity crisis."--
Whose Homeschool Life Are You Leading?, by BChsMamaof3 at the Huber Hof Academy.

Welcome to the 162nd edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling, where we take on the problem of the Homeschool Identity Crisis. It seems BChsMamaof3 isn't the only one asking these questions:

The Sidetracked Moms ask Do Your Children Know Who You Really Are?

At Why Homeschool, Janine explores Homeschool Fantasy versus Reality.

The Informed Parent asserts "I am not THE informed parent."

So what's your homeschooler identity?

At Two Kid Schoolhouse, it's Learning with, and learning to love, literature.

Petticoat Government agrees that you need to be Building a Sound Literacy Foundation. "Parents do their children an enormous service by teaching them to read while they are young."

One way to do that: take them to the library. Online Best Colleges.com presents 25 Famous Librarians Who Changed History.

Tending the Home Fires presents Considering or Beginning Homeschooling Resources, Part I: Books.

Dewey's Treehouse offers a review of The Silver Brumby. (Australia and wild horses--what's not to like?)

Maybe you like things planned out:

How do you get all the hours in?, at Beverly’s Homeschooling Blog (About.com).

Or you just let them happen:

In Casual Conversational Currency Learning, Mother By Nature finds that a casual conversation leads to a detailed discussion on the history of money.

You might have a knack with the littlest ones:

The Berry Patch presents Homeschooling Preschool .

Lionden Landing presents Preschool Prep, saying, "A revamped weekly lesson plan for preschool with lots of good links."

Or you might have found an answer to the most pressing grade-school questions:

Successful Homeschooling presents “Is it Much Farther?”

Maybe you're a crafty homeschooler:

Homesteaderbelle's Blog presents Making Quilts from Old Clothing.

Or a farmer at heart:

The Reluctant Homeschooler presents Barnyard in OUR backyard?! "My 13-year-old combined her skills in math and persuasion to convince us to support her desire to learn farming techniques. What are we in for now?!"

Or an outdoor person:

Camping Tips presents Great Campground Games posted at , saying, "Camping can be a great family activity but don't expect your children to sit around and enjoy reading or relaxing like you do."

The Thinking Mother presents Two Different Ways to Educate.

MomToCherubs presents Nature Study Group, posted at Adventures On Beck's Bounty.

Maybe you're one of those teatime moms:

The Expanding Life presents Have You Met Mrs. Beeton?

"Glue on her fingers, dirt on her toes, she makes laughter wherever she goes" teaches Marshmallow Manners.

Or you're more relaxed:

Home Spun Juggling presents Winter Burnout, saying, "An article on winter, yoga, homeschooling and staying in the moment."

Maybe you're a party person:

Once Upon a Family presents Right brain party, saying, "This post shows how your right brain makes pictures out of scribbles that your left brain on it's own is unable to see."

Reese's View Of The World presents Ringing In The New Year, Chinese Style!

Some homeschoolers are word people:

Five J's presents First Grade Language Lessons with Dr. Seuss.

Crosswords For Fun presents Hangman - A Great Word Game For All Ages!

Maybe history is more your thing:

SmallWorld presents a Slavery Unit.

No fighting, no biting! takes a trip to the Museum of American History.

Or you're more of a lab scientist:

Our Curious Home presents Oh yeah, the last time I did this, M was the baby....

Maybe you're pretty conventional:

Barbara Frank presents First Sign of Spring: Homeschool Convention Brochures! "Homeschool convention season is just around the corner, but there's still time to learn how to get the most out of your homeschool convention."

Or maybe there's just nobody else like you:

Dave Roller presents A "Typical" Week posted at Home School Dad.

Molytail brings her special-needs student home in And then there were two......, posted at Tails Gone West.

In Over-the-hill homeschoolers, Spunky pokes fun at herself and many others who have reached the halfway point in their homeschool journey.

This concludes our Identity-Crisis Carnival of Homeschooling. Next week's carnival will be hosted by Sprittibee.

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