Monday, February 23, 2009

Every non-existent package has a Silver lining

Last week I got a "final notice" from the post office that I had an undelivered package waiting at the convenience store (not convenient, it's a special car trip) where they send these things. I had picked up a package there a couple of weeks ago and wasn't expecting anything else, so I phoned the store just to make sure they weren't still talking about that package; the lady at the mail counter checked her computer and said yes, there was something there.

So, who knows, my birthday is soon. Okay. After Crayons' dancing Saturday morning, four Squirrels (hungry for lunch) drove down to the small plaza where the inconvenience store/postal outlet is located.

Big surprise, or maybe not: there wasn't anything on the shelf. They just forgot to clear the first package. Well, at least I didn't have to stand in line this time to find that out.

Anyway, when we were there a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that a Christian mission runs a thrift shop in the same plaza. Last time we were there, it had just closed for the day (they close early on Saturdays). This time we were lucky and we decided to ignore the hunger pangs a bit longer and check it out quickly.

In a few minutes, we had acquired:

2 retro record albums for Mr. Fixit
1 very pretty Barbie and 2 Ty Teenie Beanie dolls for Crayons (her own money)
Silver for General Washington, by Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft, for 25 cents (vintage Scholastic, 1974 printing)
Outcast, by Rosemary Sutcliff, nice hardcover
3 Walter Wangerin Jr. books: The Book of Sorrows (25 cents), Miz Lil & the Chronicles of Grace (75 cents), As For Me And My House (a dollar). All from the same church library.

I think the total for everything was about $6.

We looked up the Teenie Beanie dolls online when we got home; they are one of Crayons' current interests, especially because you can find them used for very little money. Rugged Rusty still had his ID label, but we had to hunt a bit to identify Pretty Penny, because she was missing her hat and sweater. We fixed her up, though; she now has a Squirrel-crocheted sweater and hat. [Picture to come.]

P.S. You will notice we didn't even get into anything really practical like clothes, but that's because we were hungry. We'll go back another time when we're feeling a bit more patient.


Birdie said...

I think books ARE practical! ;)

Gena said...

I agree with Birdie. Books are my passion (obsession?) and I love getting good deals on them. I have far more than anyone needs, but as my 10-year-old just told me: "Mama, our downstairs is better than the library!" I think that pretty much sums it up. I love books and I think they are worth more than most things you can buy.

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