Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We get it. Why don't they? (CPSIA)

The Common Room checks in with another post that will take you awhile to read if you click on all those links.

Short version: Mainstream media, including the New York Times, just don't seem to understand what a Pandora's Box has been opened with the CPSIA (sorry for the passive but I couldn't make it come out right otherwise). The media voices say things like, "This legislation isn't meant to affect libraries" or "thrift shops" or whatever; but that's exactly what it does do. As the DHM points out, many of these voices don't seem to be even as well informed as some of the "mom bloggers" out there. Or the small businesses who have already closed their doors.

No wonder people are so confused.

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Tori, Jessie, Ria, and Kitty Kat said...

This is a specific instance of my general problem with mainstream new sources! SO frustrating!!

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