Monday, March 09, 2009

Crayons' Grade Two: Plans for the Week


Bible reading from 2 Samuel
A few addition-with-regrouping problems
Miquon Lab Sheet Annotations: Page 234, questions 1 & 2 (written for the teacher, rewritten for Crayons; no workbook sheets this week)
To Far Cathay, chapter 2 (Marco Polo map)
Tanglewood Tales, continue "The Pygmies"
Ruth Beechick-style language lesson #2 from "The Pygmies" (starts with copywork)
Telling time practice
Math library book: On Beyond a Million
Family Math: Bridges board game


Mr. Pipes, chapter 2
Memory work: Hymn
Language lesson
Drill 3 & 4 times tables
Practice making change
Family Math calculator game: The Lost Rules
Miquon Lab Sheet questions, same as Monday, questions 3 & 4
Robin Hood, start chapter 1
An Island Story (history)
Italian Peepshow, by Eleanor Farjeon


Pilgrim's Progress: Christian and Hopeful continue to argue with Ignorance
Memory work
Addition with regrouping
Telling time
Picture study: Giotto's frescoes of St. Francis
Italian Peepshow
Language lesson
Family Math: How Close Can You Get?
Pagoo, chapter 3
Miquon Lab Sheet questions, p. 225, sample problems from Group A/B


Bible reading
Robin Hood
History chapter (finish if necessary)
Drill times tables, practice making change
Lab Sheet questions, same as Monday, question 5
Composer study: continue reading about and listening to the New World Symphony
Family Math: repeat How Close or Bridges


Language lesson: studied dictation from "The Pygmies"
Finish the Mr. Pipes chapter if necessary
Folk songs
Bible reading
100 chart subtraction drill
Stories of St. Francis
Math Library Books: Millions to Measure
Family Math: Sum What Dice Game

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