Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Mother Goose book stumper

Here's a book stumper for you--from me.

I have always thought I remembered a lot of my first childhood books very clearly--names, covers and so on. After all, we read most of them over and over. But I have always been very vague about the big 60's-era Mother Goose book we had. About all that I was sure of was that it was oversized, had glossy boards rather than a dust jacket, and I don't think it was one of the really well-known editions. Part of the reason I'm so vague even about the cover was that--I do remember this quite well--we had it covered with a paper dustjacket that we'd gotten from a honey company, with Billy Bee or a character like that on it.

I saw this, though, in the archives of Stump the Bookseller, answering somebody else's query: "Editor Augusta Baker, Best Loved Nursery Rhymes and Songs, 1963. Could it be BEST LOVED NURSERY RHYMES AND SONGS from Parents' Magazine Press? This book is about 250 pages long. I've been looking for a similar book and think this may be it (I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail to be sure). My book had a very particular feature--I think it was a group of pages in the middle of the book that were of a different color, and may have been an ABC portion."

Well, I'm pretty sure it isn't that one; I Googled the Parent's Magazine Press edition, and the cover doesn't look familiar at all, although it would have been logical since we did get the Parent's Magazine Press picture books by mail. But the coloured pages in the middle--that line suddenly woke up a very long-forgotten memory! So, if anyone out there knows of a nursery rhyme book with a section of coloured pages in the middle--and yes, I think they were alphabet and maybe number pages--that's it!

Any ideas?

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