Friday, May 22, 2009

She obviously hasn't hung around the trailer park enough

Crayons is having a slightly belated birthday party this weekend. It's all about horses. Stay tuned for some horsey party ideas...

Since we have a big back lawn and the weather's supposed to be good, I had asked Mr. Fixit if he could put together some kind of a horseshoe-tossing game. You know, maybe make some circles of heavy rope and toss them around a peg?

He went to the hardware store yesterday, but couldn't find any rope heavy enough, so he thought he'd ask if they had any junior horseshoe sets instead (the kind you can't really bean anybody with). The clerk (on the young side, I take it) seemed puzzled.

"Horseshoes, but not for a horse?"

"Yes, you know, you throw them..."

A moment's pause, and then--

"Is that, like, some kind of a video game?"

(Mr. Fixit kept looking, and today he found these rubber horseshoes at a local toy store, and on sale too. Rope rings and a stick might have been thriftier, but I think the rubber ones are pretty neat-o, especially in the retro packaging.)

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