Thursday, August 27, 2009

The final solution: safety pins (CPSIA)

"I can't seem to think clearly to-day," said Raggedy Ann. "It feels as if my head were ripped."

At this the French doll ran to Raggedy Ann and took off her bonnet. "Yes, there is a rip in your head, Raggedy!" she said and she pulled a pin from her skirt and pinned up Raggedy's head. "It's not a very neat job, for I got some puckers in it!" she said.

"Oh that is ever so much better!" cried Raggedy Ann. "Now I can think quite clearly."

"Now Raggedy can think clearly!" cried all the dolls.

"My thoughts must have leaked out the rip before!" said Raggedy Ann.--Raggedy Ann Stories, by Johnny Gruelle (1918)

Overlawyered has a whole roundup of CPSIA-related posts this week, including a link to one of the DHM's posts.

Hot Air has a post about another small business being put out of business.

But there's also some stuff here about a vote to exclude fabric and yarn from the testing requirements--not that that would exempt the final product, just the components.

Agh. Give me a safety pin.


Wacky Hermit said...

Yes, but has the safety pin been tested for lead?? ;)

Birdie said...

Egad. I think this whole CPSIA mess may call for a whole box of safety pins!

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