Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Plugged in, plugged in, plugged in...unplugged...

Two messages in my inbox, a study in contrasts.

The first was a You-tube link to a video called Social Media Revolution. It's mostly a lot of statistics about how fast the "social media" (that means things like Facebook) is changing our world; how traditional newspapers are seeing a huge drop in readership; how marketing is all very much a part of this.

Right next in line was a link from Holy Experience (I get HE in my inbox) directing me to On Unplugging, a post at Out in the Stalks.

She's right: it's pretty funny to be sitting inside playing farming games on Facebook when you have the real thing right outside.

Or blogging about our kids instead of doing stuff with them.

Or always watching other people sing on You-tube instead of making music ourselves...


Where do we find ourselves in the middle of all this?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I recently got on Facebook at the request of my daughter. She parks photos of the grandchildren there.

I must admit, this whole "farming" thing I've seen on Facebook has me confused. I just figured out a few days ago it was a game.

My teenage son has been on Facebook for awhile. He told me there has been research done which indicates the more friends you have on Facebook, the less you have in real life.

The difference, of course, are people who use Facebook to keep people updated on their ministry and such (we have two ministry friends who do this).

Beck's Bounty said...

I have found myself wondering also -- with so much time spent online, and the chronic "I am sooo busy" voices -- what is getting lost in the shuffle ? I will admit that from time to time, I find myself having to rearrange some things to keep things in balance.

Thank you for posting this.


Melissa Wiley said...

I loved that post too. Periodic unplugging really is necessary refreshment, I think.

But I'll say a word on behalf of Farm Town! :) :) :) My kids did so much complicated math this summer while playing that game (on my FB account). And when I check in on the farm once or twice a week, often my 12yo nephew who lives on the opposite coast will be playing too, and he'll come chat with me while I plant crops. It's been such a blessing having some social time with him---haven't seen him in years.

We had abundant tomatoes and watermelons in our REAL garden this summer, not to mention the monarch hatching grounds. :) :) I am delighted we can enjoy both.

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