Saturday, August 22, 2009

Squad 51 and all that

Our family favourite TV show right now (on DVD) is...Emergency!

A little blood. A few fires. Kids with fingers caught in gumball machines. Nurses in miniskirts and interns with Afros. Lots of climbing up really tall things and down really steep things.

I knew the Squirrelings enjoyed the show, but didn't realize how much they'd absorbed until I heard two of them playing hospital with their toy animals, and discussing "dilated pupils" and "starting an I.V. with Ringer's Lactate."

(No, I'm not laughing at you. I think you'd both make great paramedics.)

(Want more? Rabbit Run Cottage posted photos and memories of the show awhile back.)


Sebastian said...

Dh and I grew up on that show. The best was watching several episodes with my fil (a fire chief), dh (volunteer firefighter) and bil (professional firefighter).
Bil kept rolling his eyes at the old equipment and fil would say that he remembered how happy his department was when they got their first radios, squads, difibulators.
And of course, bil and dh can do a great imitation of the station's tone dropping.

Birdie said...

I used to watch that show with my Daddy. Great memories!

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