Monday, August 03, 2009

Start off your week with a smile

How about a handmade Yoda hat made from...?

Or a Target school-stuff shopping spree?

Some of Ann's endless gifts (and great photos)? Tea with Brenda? Goldfish with Barb?

Or The World's Longest Barbecue, courtesy of the Cardamom Addict?

Or the fact that today's a holiday in this part of the world? (Nobody's birthday, no great battles fought--it's just called the Civic Holiday.) Mr. Fixit has the day off, and we're trying to decide whether to go to the train museum, or just hang around the Treehouse and defrost the freezer. Decisions... [Update: we did both.]


Birdie said...

Only on your blog could I find both info on great bargains and and how-to for a Yoda hat! Great stuff!

Heather - - said...

Thanks for linking to my Yoda hat. It really is an easy project - would even be pretty easy for beginning sewers (kiddos).

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