Friday, August 28, 2009

Tasha Tudor Day and CPSIA

Storybook Woods hosts their annual Tasha Tudor Day today. Brenda already has her post up about it (thanks for the heads-up!).
"She is completely capable of presenting the world as she wishes it to be, but she retains an understanding and accceptance of how it often is. It is her ability to live the fantasy and keep a careful eye on the reality that makes her art believable and makes the life she envisions seem obtainable."--Harry Davis, The Art of Tasha Tudor

Rather than focusing only on Tasha's independent spirit, or her knack for capturing children's faces, or her gifts with teacups and all that...and others have done that beautifully...I think it's important to point out that, due to the current situation of American law, selling old copies of her books to children is now against the law. Yes, that would mean--if I lived in the U.S.A.--that I would NOT be able to hand my children our thrift-shopped and library-saled copies of Becky's Birthday, Becky's Christmas, A Tale for Easter, First Poems of Childhood, Book of Fairy Tales, or our copy of The Secret Garden with Tudor illustrations. All of them are somewhat battered--none would pass as collector's editions. They were bought for our own enjoyment. If I took these books to a law-abiding thrift shop, they'd probably have to throw them in the dumpster.

And what would Tasha say to that?

"The curators were jubilant; word quickly spread that Tasha was pleased, and throughout the building, there was a sense of relief. The guards smiled as Tasha thanked them for protecting her belongings."--description of the Take Joy exhibit, Rockefeller Folk Art Center, 1996. (Harry Davis, The Art of Tasha Tudor)


minivanlife said...

So very sad isn't it? All that no one sentimental anymore?

Birdie said...

CPSIA has to be the most frustrating, aggravating, infuriating piece of legislation to come along in my memory.

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