Monday, February 01, 2010

Hey, I hadn't even thought of that angle (CPSIA)

If you can't MAKE yarn goods (like knitted hats) for children's use without having them tested etc. etc....

Then how are you even supposed to teach children under twelve to knit or sew or crochet or whatever in the first place? They're handling the tools. They're handling the textiles. That big bad ball of yarn has joined the criminal element.

Overlawyered explains more.

And I suppose it stands to reason that a lot of other handicrafts would be just as suspect--Scouts doing woodworking, kids using certain kinds of paints...even maybe some of those favourite craft-class recyclables...

The net pulls a little tighter.

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Dana said...

Maybe...I think the law is on things intended for children, not on everything a child touches.

I'm just so thrilled that small businesses that don't know how to find lead-based paint for their products even if they try are going to be forced out of business because they can't afford the stamp of approval that is like pennies to Fisher Price or any other major manufacturer.

As usual, regulation hurts small business and benefits major corporations. You'd think they were writing the laws themselves.

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