Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The CPSIA awakens from its winter sleep

ConsumerReports.org reports that Japanese toymaker Daiso was fined and barred from selling toys in the U.S. under the no-more-fooling-it's-2010 CPSIA.

But it's the bottom of that article that's more interesting than the Daiso issue:

"Our take: This is more evidence that the CPSC has been reinvigorated and that the new leadership at the Commission, plus the new powers under the CPSIA, mean good things for consumers."

Sounds like there's nothing stopping those rosary police now. And you knitters, look out. The keepers of public safety are still watching you.

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Sebastian said...

Daiso is a big retailer here in Japan. Sort of an upscale dollar store (or 100 Yen store, as they are here).
Sure some of the products are not heirloom quality, as you would expect from the price.
But disallowing them from selling any children's products? Really? I see that as a major over-reaction. I wonder if I'll need to leave any of our Daiso purchased products here when we move back to the US. They might prove dangerous once we hit US soil.
Last night I started reading a book to my kids. Originally published in 1983, my copy is a 1985 version. Does that make my kid significantly safer than if I had an older copy? I doubt it.

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